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Firewall Rental services

  • The ultimate advantage of rental plans is that the firewall is never purchased in a single, substantial amount. The UTM firewall does not become your property, it is not kept in the company’s books, and you can use it for a low monthly fee as long as it is required (with the contractual minimum period). For example, if you plan to use a UTM firewall for 1 year, you do not have to purchase it – you can use it for a fixed monthly fee and then return the device or upgrade to a newer firewall. While renting a UTM firewall, you can buy the product with on a discounted price .

How rental works

  • Rental contract is signed for 1,2 or 3 Year Based.
  • The devices remains under warranty with Bundle UTM Solution for the entire rental period.
  • Customer Does not need expertise in firewall configuration & Management.
  • Firewalls are provided by leading Manufacturer ‘cyberoam’.
  • Firewalls are implement & Deployed by ‘Netmate’ via Remotely.


  • All Price are of 3 Month to 3 Year Contract Include Full UTM Solution & Remote Support.
  • Service TAX Extra (14%)


  • Real-time protection from Viruses, Spyware, Trojan, Worms & spam.
  • User Level filtering and blocking.
  • Quota & time Based Policy.
  • User or ID wise Report, Incident reporting, alerting & event logging.
  • Multiple WAN terminations (With load balancing feature).
  • Intrusion detection and prevention Service.
  • Web-content filters, blacklists and whitelists.
  • ‘Netmate’ can provide full on-site installation and maintenance of all MFS supplied equipment.
  • And Many More……




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