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Danger Of Hacking – Vulnerability Assessment And Penetration Testing Steps and its Benefits

Vulnerability-Assessment-And-Penetration-Testing Dubai

Is your Website Or Network is secured?! Are you in trouble to stop attacks before they start? In an enterprise or Small business network VAPT (Vulnerability Assessment and penetration Testing) demands a lot more security from an attacker to shatter the integrity of your system. The vulnerability happens because of the fragile password, Improper software settings, Errors in the software and virus in a computer or due to the injection of malicious script or SQL.  Here we give the brief information about vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing  steps and benefits.

The attackers and hacking was there at the development of the internet. But Vulnerability Assessment And Penetration Testing was not utilized so often. Before, there exist networks with trusted nodes, protocols like (SSH, SCP, SSL). Now the important data is transferred via telnet, FTP and plain text HTTP.

How these attacks happen? What is vulnerability assessment and Penetration Testing? What are the types of vulnerability scanning ?What are the advantages of vulnerability  assessment  ?  and What are the different vulnerability testing Methods. We give a brief idea about these queries .

Our Advanced VAPT Steps and its Benefits in Dubai  Gives you a better Solution . Now a days the attacks happen in the client side. Also the challenges are more for an attacker to hack your website or network. More than this the attacker should jump the security measures like IDS (Intrusion Detection System), IPS (Intrusion Prevention System) and firewall Security. The two mainly used attacking methods are sending malicious PDF files or Phishing attacks. For Finding  these security issues, should follow certain security steps.

Different types of Assurance activities includes,

Advanced VAPT Steps and its Benefits in Dubai

* Testing the Security
* Security Assessment and review
* Auditing the security


Vulnerability assessment:
* Finding the Endpoint IP and Network Leakage Detection
* Rogue and Unknown Network Detection

Penetration testing:
* Network and system configuration reviews
* Environment vulnerability assessments
* Physical Security Review


* Security architecture, design and solutions review
* Security review of web-based systems:
* Applications security
* Database security
* Availability Assessment
* Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) Protection
* Web Portal Availability


* Active Directory (AD) Audit
* Window server And Workstation Audit
* Compliance audit

AD management
* Secure AD boundaries
* Secure domain controllers
* Physical security of the domain controllers
* Secure domain and domain controller configuration settings
* Secure administrative practices


Vulnerability Assessment And Penetration Testing Workflow Diagram



Scope : The following are the possible ways for scope of the assignment
* Black box testing – Testing from an external network with previous knowledge of the internal networks and systems.
* Grey Box Testing – The testing takeplace in either internal or external networks. With the knowledge of the inner network and system.
It is a combination of both Black and white box testing.
* White Box Testing – This is also known as Internal Testing. In this the testing will happen in the internal network.



Information Gathering : Getting the information about IT domain includes, IP address, Networks and Operating system version. It is useful for all three scope of assignment includes, Black box testing, Grey Box testing, White box testing.

Vulnerability Detection : In this process, Vulnerability scanners are used. It will scan the IT domain and find and verify the bugs.

Information Analysis And Planning : In this the stage examines the identified vulnerabilities . This is to come up with a design for penetrating into the network and systems

Privilege Escalation : It is the act of Using the vulnerabilities, planning the configuration failure in a PC or application software to achieve  raised access to resources that is already secured from an application user.

Result analysis : Uncovering the the flaws in a Network, system and application and analysing the threats in it.

Reporting :  Result from VAPT testing is to be examined and Documented for further use and clarification.  This deals with the grade of threats that to be mensioned.

Cleanup : Clearing the bugs that found in the result analysis and making the roots of the application or network in a proper way.

Advanced VAPT Steps and its Benefits in Dubai

The Benefits Of  VAPT

The bugs in an IT Infrastructure Can be sort out using VAPT. The main asset of Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing includes,
* Giving the firm an idea about potential bugs faced by an application.
* Also helping an enterprise to find the errors in the programming that leads to Vulnerabilities.
* In addition to this provide threat management.
* More than this protecting the organization from money loss.
* Also securing the application from external and internal hacking.
* Also give protection against the malicious attack from destroying the organization data.

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