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Sophos XGS116

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Netmate provides best Sophos xgs116 price in dubai

Sophos XGS 116 HW Appliance with 8 GE incl. 1 PoE (30W) + 1 SFP port, 1 expansion bay for optional 3G/4G module, SSD + Base License (incl. FW, VPN & Wireless) for unlimited users + power cable

Sophos XGS116 Features in Dubai

Firewall throughput  – 7,700 Mbps
Firewall IMIX  – 3,500 Mbps
Firewall Latency  – (64 byte UDP) 8 µs
IPS throughput –  2,000 Mbps
Threat Protection throughput –  685 Mbps
NGFW  – 2,000 Mbps
Concurrent connections –  1,600,000
New connections/sec  – 61,500
IPsec VPN throughput  – 1,100 Mbps
Xstream SSL/TLS Inspection  – 650 Mbps
Xstream SSL/TLS
Concurrent connections – 8,192


Netmate provides the best Sophos xgs116 price in Dubai

The Sophos XGS116 is an advanced network security appliance that provides comprehensive firewall capabilities to protect medium to large-scale organizations against evolving cyber threats. With its powerful features, high-performance hardware, and seamless integration with the Sophos ecosystem, the XGS116 delivers robust network security and ensures the integrity of critical business assets.

As a firewall appliance, the Sophos XGS116 plays a critical role in securing network traffic by inspecting and filtering data packets based on predefined security policies. It utilizes stateful packet inspection to examine packet headers and content, making intelligent decisions about whether to allow or block traffic. The XGS116 effectively protects the network from unauthorized access, malware, and other malicious activities.

When it comes to pricing, it’s important to note that specific pricing information for the Sophos XGS116 may vary depending on factors such as region, vendor, and any additional services or subscriptions bundled with the appliance. To obtain accurate pricing details, it is recommended to consult authorized Sophos resellers or refer to the official Sophos website.

Sophos is a well-established cybersecurity company renowned for its comprehensive range of security solutions. The XGS116 firewall appliance is a testament to Sophos’ commitment to delivering advanced network security for medium to large-scale organizations.

The Sophos XGS116 offers advanced threat protection capabilities, combining signature-based and behavioral-based detection techniques to identify and block known and unknown threats in real-time. It leverages deep learning algorithms and machine learning models to enhance its ability to detect and mitigate zero-day exploits, malware, ransomware, and advanced persistent threats (APTs).

Integration with the Sophos ecosystem enhances the XGS116’s capabilities. It seamlessly integrates with Sophos Central, the centralized management platform, providing a unified view of the network security infrastructure. This integration streamlines deployment, configuration, and monitoring processes, allowing administrators to efficiently manage and secure the network.

The XGS116 provides comprehensive web filtering and content control features. It enables organizations to enforce granular policies to restrict access to inappropriate or malicious websites, manage application usage, and control bandwidth consumption. SSL inspection capabilities allow the XGS116 to analyze encrypted traffic and prevent threats from evading security measures.

To enhance network security, the XGS116 incorporates advanced network segmentation and access control features. It supports virtual LANs (VLANs), virtual routing and forwarding (VRF), and network address translation (NAT) to isolate and protect critical resources. The XGS116 integrates with popular authentication systems, such as Active Directory, to enforce user-based policies and ensure secure access to network resources.

The Sophos XGS116 offers extensive reporting and analytics capabilities. Administrators can gain insights into network traffic, threat trends, and user behavior through customizable reports and real-time monitoring. This visibility allows organizations to make informed security decisions and proactively address potential vulnerabilities.

In summary, the Sophos XGS116 is an advanced firewall appliance designed to deliver comprehensive network security for medium to large-scale organizations. While pricing for the XGS116 may vary, its advanced threat protection capabilities, web filtering and content control features, seamless integration with the Sophos ecosystem, and extensive reporting capabilities make it an ideal choice for organizations seeking robust network security. With Sophos’ expertise and commitment to cybersecurity, the XGS116 provides a reliable solution to protect networks and ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of critical business data.