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Email Spam Protection By Netmate


Protect your business from all that is out there (EMAIL OR SPAM PROTECTION in Dubai)

While your company depends on email as a tool for communication, Also provides storing massive quantities of crucial business information. This may also be a true threat. We give good Email or spam protection With on-line attacks changing into additional. More than this  additional prevailing, together with spam, phishing, viruses, and malware, AN attempt} to manage these threats yourself isn’t any longer a possibility.

Today the majority of the emails traveling through the Internet are considered Spam. Besides the annoying nature of Spam mail and the productivity loss for companies as employees get distracted. The significant risk imposed from spam is when it is used as a transport mechanism for Viruses and Trojans.This is  to propagate or when it is used to gain confidential information from employees by lurking them to infected websites.We are the best antivirus dealers in Dubai.

Netmate IT Solution works with market-leading vendors in Mail Security to provide you with the most comprehensive integrated Email / Spam Protection solution. Mail Security Solution includes:

Netmate Mail Security Solution includes: