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Managed Vpn connectivity in Dubai

In todays world secure communication is the most as the internet is too vulnerable to trust .as a company grows it might expand to multiple outlets, shops or offices across the country even out of the country all around the world, and to keeps the things running. those locations need a fast, travelling secure and trustworthy way to share information across the computers . and for those users like salespeople traveling needs secure and better ways to connect to their work space computer network from remote location any where in the world.We provide  cheap vpn,top vpn services,,buy vpn with suitable price,vpn router,top vpn providers,paid vpn service,good vpn services,personal vpn service,best vpn solution in Dubai, Ajman, Abu Dhabi,Ajman, Ummal, mm Al Quwain, Ras Al Khaimah and Fujairah.

To full fill the above requirement one of the best technology is a VPN stands for virtual private network. Vpn uses the a public internet to connect remote site or users to the head office private network in secure way to ensure business ensure business security . information passing through the vpn network is encrypted , anyone intercepting the vpn data can’t read it at all.

managed vpn connectivity

What make a vpn connectivity

A VPN’s goal is to provide secure and reliable private connection between computer Network over the an public network (internet).

Before getting dipper in to the working mechanism of VPN technology , let’s know about the all the benefits a business can get from a VPN .

1.Remote access vpn

A remote access vpn or road warrior or Dial vpn allows an users to connect to a private business network from any remote location any where in the world using their laptop ,Desktop even with their smart phones or tablet having internet connection. Company having huge outdoor sales people roaming outside may take benefit from this falvour of vpn connection.

After succesfull connection to office network those users can access the resources on that network as if they are physically presented and directly plugged in to the network’s.

2.A site to site vpn

site to site or Net-to Net vpn connection allows branch offices to make secure tunnel using internet for accessing the main office network and it’s resources .

Site-to-site vpn extend company’s network , making computer resources from one location available to users at other location as if they are in same premises .

Company having multiple branch offices all around the world can take benefit from site-to –site vpn technology

Type of site-to-site vpn

  1. intranet based

if the company has one or more remote offices that they want to join in a single private network they can create intranet VPN to connect each LAN to single Wan.

  1. Extranet-base site-TO-site VPN

If the company want to have secure communication with their close business partner or customer, they can create extranet site to site VPN to connect those companies lan’s this extranet allows companies to work together in a secure shared workspace network while preventing access to their intranets.


Most VPNs rely on tunneling to create a private network that reaches across the Internet. Essentially,

tunneling is the process of placing an entire packet within another packet and sending it over a

network. The protocol of the outer packet is understood by the network and both points, called tunnel

interfaces, where the packet enters and exits the network.

Tunneling requires three different protocols:

• Carrier protocol – The protocol used by the network that the information is traveling over

• Encapsulating protocol – The protocol (GRE, IPSec, L2F, PPTP, L2TP) that is wrapped

around the original data

• Passenger protocol – The original data (IPX, NetBEUI, IP) being carried

Tunneling has amazing implications for VPNs. For example, you can place a packet that uses a

protocol not supported on the Internet (such as NetBEUI) inside an IP packet and send it safely over

the Internet. Or you could put a packet that uses a private (non-routable) IP address inside a packet

that uses a globally unique IP address to extend a private network over the Internet.

What Next …

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