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Never Fail Business Continuity Solution : Make Your Business Continuity Plan Today

Best Never Fail Business Continuity Solution in Dubai

We Provide the Ultimate never fail Business Continuity Solution in Dubai and all over the world. According to the demands of customer, Provides  Highly digital & Virtualized IT Environments. Also delivers full-day support for business critical application. Beyond this we delivers good support for all data,empower your business network against downtime.

Critical applications can be protected using our Never fail Business Continuity engine. It is possible to recover all data at the time of disaster. Proactive monitoring of the system will help to collect all the data of your system.

Best Never Fail Business Continuity Solution in Dubai

Never fail business continuity solution provider in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Sharjah, Umm Al Quain and  Ras Al khaima. We provides the best Risk Assessment and Management solution services. Also gives the consistent business operation and recovery preparation solutions. More than this provides the newest next generation technology towards the IT industry of middle east . Also provides good technology enabled business continuity solution plan-Dubai.

Dynamic Monitoring and Prevention of  Downtime

The health checkup of ecosystem is processed in a proactive manner. The performance measured in different levels including, accessibility, utilization and capacity of all system level resources . Also count the advanced level behavior , includes service, response time and database availability.

Compared to recovery based systems , continuity engine protects applications before downtime happens.

business continuity solution monitoring
real time replication in Dubai

Instant Replication And Straightway fail-over without any time delay  (Recovery Point Objective or Recovery Time Objective)

Application files and database are protected by the hot standby server.

If the system finds any error in server, The predetermined business continuity rules and regulations will be performed before the Ip application or server fails.

If the issue is cleared , fail back is fully automated and will not make any distraction.

Constant Application Protection on All Server Environment (Physical, Virtual or Cloud )

Never fail Continuity Engine delivers good scale of plugins from VM Ware to microsoft, that automatically identifies the component failure status.

It works constantly throughout the hyper-visor and any other server. Also it will not affect the shared storage. Beyond this it is easy to overcome single point of  non performance .

Also provides the  protection of Microsoft Hyper-V VM using a VMware vSphere failover

never fail business continuity solution Constant application protection

Smooth Deployment in All Environment

Whole IT Sector  is protected with adaptable categorization. Also the most critical framework will be in safe mode.

Dynamic Application Security tracking

Dynamically detecting failure patterns before they happen. This is possible through analytical systems to a standby platform to avoid  the improper performance of your system. This will keep the users to connect the critical application.

Proactive Application Health Monitoring

Detecting failure before it Happens. More than this Prevent Applications from the failure. Also fail-over can be easily done without any lag.

Built in WAN Advancement

The WAN Optimization is possible through the Software. The elimination duplicated data in the wire is possible . The reduction of network bandwidth requirements by upto 80% will give the lower  price for disaster recovery operation

Compact VMWare Integration

The continuity Engine leads the application intelligence and dynamic application tracking  to workloads  management on VMware vSphere HA, vMotion. The VMware SRM  consist of disaster recovery capabilities for physical machines.

Support DR Testing without intervention 

The chances of recovery of critical application is possible without any delay of time. Here Uses the DR tests that will not distract the production server or end user access to the application

Consolidate Engine Management Service 

The brand new engine management  services(EMS) Provide administrators quickly arrange and automate deployments of Engine technology.

Ideal Protection of multi-tier Application 

The automatic detection of data sets , services and dominion for the best applications  are available through the out-of-the-box-application intelligence; performs constantly throughout the physical  and virtual server platform.

Automated re cloning

Either Using Cluster or partial cluster re cloning,  the broken clusters  can easily repaired by the help of continuity engine. This will address the problems around application and security patch management. The user can easily clone the data either in existing location or another location. Also automatic  deletion of old passive  node or evacuate the node in the same place for more analysis and tracking.

Assistance for Chinese

Simplified and managed  Chinese locale is provided  in the Engine Management System.


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