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Sangfor NGAF Next Generation Firewall, No 1 Sangfor NGAF Next Generation Firewall price

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Netmate IT Provides Best  Sangfor NGAF Next Generation Firewall Price.


 Sangfor NGAF Next Generation Firewall Price

Sangfor NGAF – Next Generation Firewall offers key features and benefits that make it a top choice for network security:

  1. Advanced Threat Detection and Prevention: Utilizes deep packet inspection (DPI) technology to analyze network traffic in real-time, detecting and blocking malware, viruses, and other cyber threats.
  2. Application Control: Sangfor NGAF Next Generation Firewall Provides granular control over network applications, allowing you to enforce policies based on user groups, application types, and time schedules, optimizing network performance and productivity.
  3. Intrusion Prevention System (IPS): Sangfor NGAF Next Generation Firewall Monitors network traffic for suspicious activities and attempts to exploit vulnerabilities, promptly identifying and blocking potential threats.
  4. Web and Content Filtering: Enables the creation of policies to control access to websites and filter content based on categories, ensuring compliance and protecting users from accessing harmful or inappropriate content.
  5. Centralized Management and Reporting: Sangfor NGAF Next Generation Firewall Offers a unified management console to monitor, configure, and manage all NGFW instances from a single interface, simplifying network administration and improving efficiency.
  6. Scalability and High Availability: Adapts to the evolving needs of organizations, supporting deployments as a standalone solution or as part of a distributed network architecture for consistent and reliable security.
  7. Simplified Network Operations: Provides an intuitive user interface and streamlined management features to simplify network operations, making it easier to configure and maintain network security settings.
  8. Enhanced Productivity: By regulating application usage and prioritizing bandwidth, Sangfor NGAF Next Generation Firewall helps optimize network performance, enhancing productivity for users.
  9. Robust Security: Offers comprehensive protection against emerging cyber threats, safeguarding network infrastructure, sensitive data, and systems.
  10. Future-Proof Solution: Designed to meet the demanding security needs of businesses of all sizes, Sangfor NGAF Next Generation Firewall ensures network security remains effective as threats evolve.

Overall, Sangfor NGAF Next Generation Firewall combines advanced threat detection, application control, intrusion prevention, web filtering, and centralized management to deliver a comprehensive network security solution that protects organizations from cyber threats while optimizing network performance and productivity.


Sangfor NGAF Next Generation Firewall Price.

Firewall Throughput1, 21.05 Gbps1.75 Gbps2
2.8 Gbps4.9 Gbps12 Gbps20 Gbps25 Gbps50 Gbps67 Gbps140 Gbps140 Gbps180 Gbps240 Gbps
IPS+WAF Throughput(HTTP)1N/A700 Mbps1.2
1.4 Gbps2.1 Gbps3.85 Gbps5.6 Gbps8.4 Gbps14 Gbps21 Gbps56 Gbps63 Gbps84 Gbps126 Gbps
Threat Protection Throughput1, 4600 Mbps800 Mbps1
1.8 Gbps2.1 Gbps4.2 Gbps5.6 Gbps9.1 Gbps18 Gbps26.5 Gbps67.2 Gbps79.4 Gbps91.2 Gbps105 Gbps
NGFW Throughput1, 3800 Mbps1 Gbps1.4
2.5 Gbps2.8 Gbps5 Gbps8.4 Gbps12.6 Gbps23 Gbps31 Gbps84 Gbps90 Gbps120 Gbps140 Gbps
IPSec VPN Throughput1100 Mbps100 Mbps250 Mbps250 Mbps375 Mbps1 Gbps1.25 Gbps2 Gbps3 Gbps3.75 Gbps5 Gbps7 Gbps10 Gbps15 Gbps